The Mission


My name is Colin Martin. I founded Kush Jewelry for a simple, yet powerful purpose – helping others reach and fulfill their highest aspirations. But you’re probably asking how a piece of jewelry can achieve such a lofty goal.

Each piece of Kush Journey Jewelry is tied to a series of weekly personal affirmations delivered by email, that take you step-by-step towards eliminating distractions and limiting beliefs. These affirmations open up endless possibilities for discovering your Soul’s Purpose, healing the pain of life’s challenges, and allowing you take make a permanent and indelible mark on the world.

The jewelry itself becomes a focal point – the messages create a profound effect on us by simply reminding us of our greatness and intentions as we go about our day.


What the word “Kush” means to me…


When I was 10 years old I saw a movie called The Man Who Would Be King. Its about 2 guys who travel from India over the Hindu Kush mountains to become kings of a distant land. The movie impacted my life like no other and it defines who (and why) I am what I am today. I’ve seen it over 150 times. Kush is a word that defines exotic adventure, overcoming one’s fears to accomplish their greatest dreams. To put aside conventions and western upbringing to expand their consciousness into unknown territory. In the movie, the 2 men say quote: “We’re going to another place… …where a man isn’t crowded and can come into his own. We’re not┬ásmall men, so we’re going away to be Kings.” This to me is what people are truly feeling and looking for when they resonate with inspirational products (jewelry, books, seminars), to lose that ‘small’ feeling and overcome core fears that keep them from becoming “great.” To take themselves on a personal journey, an adventure, to open their minds and souls to something larger than themselves.

Kush Journey Jewelry is an experience, not just a product.


It is a focal point to remind us each and every day that we are in constant motion to become better. That realizing our full potential is not just the key to a happy and satisfying life, but the main ingredient for making your world a magical place. So I invite you to start your journey…

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